Mere is more than an Aus­tralian footwear brand. It's a state­ment. It's a stake in the ground. It's a call to ac­tion to keep footwear pure. To keep art, pas­sion, and qual­ity part of its fab­ric. In the age of au­to­ma­tion over per­sonal touch, quan­tity over qual­ity, and mass­ma­chin­ery over hand-made mas­tery, Mere takes its stand in the dirt.

We're proud of that stand. We like it, that's the kicker. It's not a dis­ad­van­tage to us. We like the whole process. We like sourc­ing our own leather, and we like the smell of each piece as it passes across our own hands. We like mak­ing footwear the way we first imag­ined it in our minds.

At the heart of it all we are in the art-cre­ation busi­ness. It just hap­pens that our art is not hung on walls. Our art takes you places.

Mere is proudly pro­duced in our own fac­tory in Viet­nam. James (the di­rec­tor/de­signer) has been work­ing with the same team in Ho Chi Minh for close to 10 ten years now and con­sid­ers them fam­ily and Viet­nam his sec­ond home. Choos­ing to set up the fac­tory in the out­skirts of the busy city that was once called Saigon gives us a cool, and calm refuge for us to cre­ate the shoe's you know and love.

NEW STORE NOW OPEN 79 BONDI ROAD, BONDI NSW Mere.footwear mere­footwear

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