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The vi­cious V12 Aventador has long been more than enough car for any­one with even a scrap of san­ity. But the Ital­ians looked at it and saw some­thing that needed to be a bit shoutier and a tad more ab­surd. This is what they’ve cre­ated with the new Aven­tado

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The peo­ple who de­sign Lam­borgh­i­nis could have been bikie-tat­too de­sign­ers. Cer­tainly, the lurid sketches they showed us to ex­plain what in­spired the Aventador S would not look out of place in Sons of Anar­chy, with their writhing co­bras or vi­cious sharks. They even ad­mit­ted they’d tried to make it look like a Space Shut­tle. There are also bits of the com­pany’s clas­sic Coun­tach in the new S (it stands for ‘Some­thing that is bet­ter’) if you know where to look. It’s overblown, but there’s some­thing al­lur­ing about it, as if it’s reach­ing out to the teenage boy inside and say­ing, ‘Look, I have scis­sor doors – love me!’ Some­times too much is just ex­actly enough.


Only a nut-bar of an en­gi­neer could look at the stan­dard Aventador’s 514kw V12, fire-belch­ing en­gine and think, ‘This could use a few more horses.’ Yet some­how the 6.5-litre mega­ma­chine has been pushed to make an ex­tra 30kw, at a deaf­en­ing 8400rpm, as well as 690Nm of torque. Lam­borgh­ini tells us you can feel this ex­tra grunt all the way through the mid range, and at the top end, but the one place you won’t no­tice it is in the 0 to 100km/h sprint, which has stayed at 2.9 sec­onds. On the plus side, the new S can go from zero to 300km/h in 24 sec­onds, which will no doubt come in handy on a daily ba­sis.


The word ‘In­tim­i­dat­ing’ can’t do this in­tense driv­ing ma­chine jus­tice be­cause you’re con­stantly taunted by its deaf­en­ing noises and ca­pa­bil­i­ties. It’s as wide as a Toy­ota Land­cruiser and a prop­erly hairy hand­ful be­cause it weighs 1575kg. It’s also 4.8m long – even though you can’t see any of the bits to the rear, as you prac­ti­cally sit on the floor and all that en­gine is right be­hind. This is not a mod­ern, scalpel­like su­percar from Mclaren or Fer­rari – this is an old-school mon­ster of pos­si­bly mur­der­ous in­tent, which makes it as ad­dic­tive as il­le­gal drugs. Or, sky div­ing.


Subtlety be damned – and Aventador is right out there on the edgi­ness. So much so that the shift pad­dles, be­hind the steer­ing wheel, feel gen­uinely sharp enough to shave with. You also get a ‘bombs-away’ style starter but­ton, lots of jet fighter-look­ing bits, an ad­justable dig­i­tal dis­play that can of­fer a sin­gle speedo the size of a din­ner plate, or a tachome­ter that changes colour to tell you it’s time to change gear. Not that you’ll be game to ever take your eyes off the road. It’s not ex­actly a classy cabin, but it sure is cool.


Ob­vi­ously, if you need to ask how much it costs you’re go­ing to be shocked by the an­swer, which is a stag­ger­ing $788,914. But if you can af­ford one, you’ll prob­a­bly be quite happy to tell your friends you paid that much. If you are that guy, or­der one to­day and it will ar­rive in around six months.

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