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Your two favourite cars in movies?

Mad Max 2’ s 1973 Ford Fal­con XB GT351 Coupé. Or, to put it more suc­cinctly, ‘Mad’ Max Rock­atan­sky’s pre­ferred choice of wheels. Thanks to its apoc­a­lypse-spec body mods, this was ac­tu­ally the first time I’d seen a car that I couldn’t im­me­di­ately name. Yeah, I was that kid. And the 1987 As­ton Martin V8 Van­tage from The Liv­ing Day­lights still sends a twinge through my del­i­cates when I think about it. It’s Bri­tain’s mus­cle car, a 12-gauge shot­gun with a mar­quetry stock. Oh, and this is as un­der­rated a Bond film as Ti­mothy Dal­ton is as Bond.

Your best car-re­lated story?

It was stupid, and long enough ago, that I was able to watch a Sony Dis­c­man hover weight­lessly next to my head as we soared through the air. Turns out el­e­vated rail­way tracks are ideal ramps.

Why should ev­ery­one be able to drive a man­ual?

For the joy of an in­ti­mate con­nec­tion with the car… Nah, even if you don’t care about driv­ing, it’s a skill you never re­gret learn­ing. One day, there’ll be an op­por­tu­nity, or an obli­ga­tion, to use one. Be­ing ca­pa­ble and un­flap­pable in those sit­u­a­tions is an im­pres­sive, and at­trac­tive, qual­ity.

What does your wife think about you driv­ing at dan­ger­ous speeds ‘for work’?

She some­times asks if the cars need to be so thor­oughly tested, es­pe­cially when she’s in the pas­sen­ger seat.

How many cars have you writ­ten off?

I’ve never had a proper, airbags-out crash. And, tempt­ing fate, it’s a more than half a decade since I’ve even scuffed a rim.

The fun­ni­est de­scrip­tion of a car junkie?

It has to be ‘hoon’ – be­cause you know it’s been writ­ten by some­one in the depths of moral out­rage, apoplec­tic that peo­ple are still will­ing and able to en­joy cars.

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