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Af­ter our lac­tic acid sub­sided, we caught up with Aurélien Ap­port, a Bondi-based PT set to com­pete on the show. Here, his ad­vice on be­ing an Aus­tralian Ninja War­rior: A good Ninja is a dry Ninja! Agility is im­por­tant; it will en­hance your es­tab­lished skills and al­low you to get out of un­ex­pected sit­u­a­tions you’ve never tried be­fore.” Get ad­dicted to cal­is­then­ics train­ing, bal­ance and forge your­self a grip of steel. Train out of the box, move your body in three di­men­sions, don’t ne­glect re­cov­ery and nurse any tight­ness or in­jury.” Re­mem­ber you’ll have to deal with more than just the course, such as fam­ily watch­ing, the pub­lic, the lights, the com­men­ta­tors... So just vi­su­alise ev­ery sin­gle move­ment, for­get the out­come and have fun!”

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