THE LC 500

To launch the Lexus LC 500, we asked the world’s # 1 best-sell­ing au­thor to review it.

GQ (Australia) - - STYLE - As ex­pe­ri­enced by JAMES PATTERSON

At first glance, it strikes me that the Lexus LC 500 is clearly a beast, wait­ing to be un­leashed upon the road.

One thing that sets the LC 500 apart from any other car I’ve driven is its al­most sur­real con­nec­tion to the driver. I don’t sit in an LC 500; I get im­mersed in it. I’m im­pressed beyond words, by how this ex­quis­ite ma­chine has been en­gi­neered for – some­how be­spoke – tai­lored to – the driver. I feel as close to this en­gine as a jockey to a thor­ough­bred. Just, much more com­fort­ably so.

Deep, lush leather seats, con­toured shifter, an el­lip­ti­cal steer­ing wheel – this keeps get­ting bet­ter…

One of the most sur­pris­ing and mem­o­rable as­pects of the LC 500 driv­ing ex­pe­ri­ence is the sound – the beau­ti­ful noise, the car’s roar. One touch of the en­gine start but­ton and a sym­phony be­gins – its en­gine note sounds part Beethoven, part Hen­drix.

This is not dig­i­tally fil­tered am­pli­fi­ca­tion. It’s or­ganic.

I’ve heard ov­er­en­thu­si­as­tic en­thu­si­asts talk about be­ing be­hind the wheel of a high-per­for­mance car as be­ing in the cock­pit of a fighter jet, but so far as I know – there isn’t an air­craft on Earth that is this wild, this el­e­gant, this much pure, unadul­ter­ated fun to drive. If there was an ejec­tor seat on the LC 500 – I would never use it.

I flash out onto the road and con­duct the di­rect-drive V8 or­ches­tra into its next 10 move­ments – I mean gears. You heard it right, the LC 500 has 10 gears. The ac­tion is con­ducive to mu­si­cal rhythm. Each tran­si­tion is smooth, res­o­nant and per­fectly nat­u­ral. I’m still new to this sports car, but it doesn’t re­quire the usual learn­ing curve. Second is as easy to at­tain as third as is fourth as is… Hey, I’d bet­ter watch my speed ’til I’m on the open high­way.

The widescreen vis­i­bil­ity and my sense of the car’s snug po­si­tion on the road con­tin­ues this unique ex­pe­ri­ence of driv­ing an LC 500. As I make my way down the state road, I ex­e­cute some deft – if I do say so – pass­ing ma­neu­vers; but I have zero wor­ries about the LC 500’s abil­ity to shoot a gap.

I take a sharp right turn, then a left, and another right, and the LC 500 hugs the road like a lover. That’s not ex­ag­ger­a­tion, it’s an un­der­state­ment.

On the in­ter­state ac­cess road, I bank sharply left, avoid­ing a de­liv­ery truck that some­how for­got to sig­nal that it wanted to turn in front of me. I mar­vel at how ef­fort­lessly the LC 500 side­steps potential dan­ger, or even in­con­ve­nience. Also, how so many driv­ers I pass turn their heads and gawk. Seriously, nearly ev­ery­one stares at this dream mas­querad­ing as a car.

It’s an adren­a­line rush watch­ing the rest of life try­ing to keep up in the rearview mir­ror.

On the ramp to In­ter­state 95, I punch the ac­cel­er­a­tor and seam­lessly tran­si­tion into sev­enth. Min­utes later, as I slide right for the air­port exit, I note the driver I just passed, ap­par­ently mes­mer­ized by my af­ter­burner-in­spired in­fin­ity tail-lights.

Sud­denly, I re­al­ize – I am so not look­ing for­ward to this plane ride. A se­duc­tive no­tion oc­curs. I was go­ing to write on the plane, but I’m ahead on all my work. In­clud­ing, now, this review. What’s it to Mi­ami? Seven hours in a con­ven­tional au­to­mo­bile? But the LC 500 is no con­ven­tional au­to­mo­bile.

I might even take the scenic route. Maybe I can find some tun­nels to fur­ther am­plify the en­gine’s growl.

What an astonishing ride, what a sports car, how in­tox­i­cat­ing life be­comes when you’re be­hind the wheel of an LC 500.

I think I just ex­pe­ri­enced amaz­ing.

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