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Do your team­mates give you stick about get­ting a dad bod now?

Yes, a few of the younger play­ers like to com­ment ‘dad bod’ when jump­ing in the show­ers. How­ever we all know that it’s just a myth.

Is there a stigma at­tached to dad bods that is un­fair?

Yes as I men­tioned, I think it’s a tag line and there’s not much truth to it.

Any­one given you parental ad­vice?

A mil­lion friends, dads, team mates and ran­dom strangers have given me parental ad­vice. How­ever, I believe you find your own way.

How has your daily rou­tine changed now that you’re a fa­ther?

At the mo­ment not a lot. It means I get in the bath at the same time every night with my daugh­ter and maybe I don’t need my alarm clock any­more but we have an amaz­ing lit­tle baby girl who loves be­ing out­doors.

The hard­est thing about be­com­ing a dad?

I guess the early months are ex­tremely hard with less sleep and the fact you have a lit­tle baby to­tally de­pen­dant on you now. Oth­er­wise it has been the most en­joy­able ride of my life.

What has had to budge in or­der to prop­erly play out your role as a fa­ther?

I guess you could say my golf game has taken a bit of a back seat.

What tips do you have for reg­u­lar dads who don’t have fitness and ex­er­cise in­grained into their day job?

I think it’s im­por­tant, as new par­ents, that you find time to do things for your­selves. If you’re lucky enough to have fam­ily close by, take the help and keep up your train­ing. Or, you and your part­ner cre­ate the op­por­tu­ni­ties for each other to do ‘nor­mal’ every day activities.

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