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Here’s the thing. If the work­out it­self is lack­ing, no amount of Oribe ameni­ties or Lu­l­ule­mon gear will make up for it. And Gon­za­lez knows it. “At the heart of it, Barry’s be­came suc­cess­ful be­cause it works so well,” he says. So, what’s the se­cret for­mula? Turns out, it’s quite sim­ple, with the work­out it­self fol­low­img largely the same struc­ture it has since its ’98 in­cep­tion. It hasn’t changed be­cause, as Gon­za­elez says, it works so well. Very few Barry’s classes will be the same – they’re cre­ated by the in­di­vid­ual trainer be­spoke for that ses­sion – but they all fol­low the same struc­ture: 50 min­utes of high-in­ten­sity ex­er­cise split evenly be­tween run­ning (on su­per­ex­pen­sive Wood­way tread­mills, of course) and strength work. Switch­ing be­tween the two is de­signed to shock your body, boost­ing your me­tab­o­lism and pro­vid­ing bal­ance be­tween strength and car­dio. The days of the week are split up by body part, so on Mon­day all classes in­volve arms and abs, Tues­day is leg day, Wed­nes­day chest and back and so on. This pro­motes mus­cle growth (read: get­ting su­per jacked) while the tread­mill work will help keep you lean. How­ever, the best thing may be the trainer lead­ing the ses­sion. Or, to use the Barry’s word, ‘enter-trainer’. Part en­ter­tainer, part trainer it’s a del­i­cate bal­anc­ing act coach­ing both the run­ners and those do­ing strength, at the same time. Most im­pres­sive, though, is the fact they man­age to pull it off with­out look­ing and sound­ing like a com­plete dick.

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