Change is one con­stant in mod­ern life

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WE are told ‘Change is hard’. But is it the process of change or the emo­tional side of change that we strug­gle to cope with the most? You’ve been with your com­pany for 10 years, you’ve se­cured a pro­mo­tion or two, you’ve al­ways been graded highly in your per­for­mance re­views and then you get called into a meet­ing, ‘We need to let you go’.

What? You didn’t see that com­ing. No­body said the busi­ness was in trou­ble, is it some­thing you said or some­thing you did? No!

‘How can this pos­si­bly be hap­pen­ing to me?’ If you man­age to hold back the tears un­til you get out of the door you are do­ing well, but your emo­tions are now in full swing. The tears, the fears, all those bro­ken prom­ises, the neg­a­tiv­ity that creeps in as you turn from up­set to ha­tred as they surely could have cho­sen some­one else to go!

If you se­cure your dream job af­ter you leave, you may say it was the best thing ever, but if you strug­gle to find a new job, what then? You’ve been mar­ried for years, you’ve tried your best, given it your all, but you can’t con­tinue liv­ing like this. It’s time to call it a day. You break the news to your part­ner who begs you to stay, but your mind is made up. There are tears from both sides and then it starts, the name-call­ing, the friends that won’t re­turn your calls, the bit­ter­ness, the end.

You both then find new part­ners, lov­ing part­ners and you couldn’t be hap­pier, but what if you both live the rest of your life alone? Can you for­give and for­get?


Change is hap­pen­ing, ev­ery day, all over the world. In fact, ev­ery day brings with it new op­por­tu­ni­ties for change. But whether we re­alise it or not, change is hap­pen­ing. It’s hap­pen­ing in our towns with new de­vel­op­ments, in sci­ence, in tech­nol­ogy, in our heads and in our busi­nesses. It’s the one con­stant that we have in our lives. We see it in the sea­sons, through fash­ion, food choices and even

what’s on TV. We can choose to move with the times and em­brace change or con­tinue to fight against it. If we only ever for­give and for­get when change works in our favour, what do we do when it doesn’t? of Lead­ers. Kelly has a strong back­ground in HR; hav­ing worked in the in­dus­try for 18 years she is a qual­i­fied and ac­cred­ited Ex­ec­u­tive Coach and lives in the UK. Kelly can be con­tacted at Chrysalis con­sult­ing.

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