Live your life to the full and not be bound by the ex­pec­ta­tions of ev­ery day life

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Chang­ing the way we feel by do­ing some­thing dif­fer­ently was dis­cussed in the ar­ti­cle From Fear to Func­tion­ing pub­lished in the May is­sue of Great Health GuideTM. Whether it is just step­ping out­side your home and go­ing for a walk or catch­ing up with friends, more of­ten this can be the first step to over­come fear. It is cer­tain that if we keep do­ing the things that we have always done, things will sim­ply not change.

Of­ten women come to a time in life when they stop do­ing things that they re­ally en­joy. It could be that they start a fam­ily, or a ca­reer and the fo­cus moves away from them onto some­thing else. This works well for some time, how­ever be­fore they know it, they no longer do any­thing that makes them happy, or do any­thing for them­selves. When this hap­pens, it has usu­ally oc­curred over a long pe­riod of time and the sheer will to do some­thing again can turn into some­thing that they fear. The weight may have crept on af­ter hav­ing chil­dren, or friends may have drifted away and the thought of tak­ing the first step to find­ing what it is that makes them happy scares them.

In Part 1, I sug­gested that by do­ing some­thing dif­fer­ent to what you would nor­mally do can be all it takes to just get started. Too of­ten we over­think the ‘just get started’ bit and think that we don’t have the tools or re­sources we need avail­able to us. Most of the time this just isn’t the case and by lim­it­ing the over anal­y­sis we can just get on with it.

Once we have got over this, we move from liv­ing in a state of fear into a func­tion­ing state.

At this point things seem to be un­der con­trol. You’re do­ing what needs to be done to make time for your­self and you have a han­dle on ev­ery­thing in life.

Nor­mally when you are liv­ing in the func­tion­ing state you are com­fort­able with how things are. Your fam­ily is do­ing well, you’re mak­ing time to ex­er­cise and catch up with friends and your ca­reer is go­ing well. Even though you’re go­ing through the mo­tions and do­ing the things that would nor­mally make you happy, deep down, you may feel that some­thing is miss­ing.

You feel that you are in con­trol of your life and that you have a say in how things turn out, but you may start to won­der whether you’re ac­tu­ally on the right path in life. Even though you’re do­ing well… are you do­ing the RIGHT things well? Is there some­thing miss­ing? Is there more I could be do­ing? Where is my life head­ing? Slowly your func­tion­ing state, which is abun­dant with all the ma­te­rial things that you want, be­comes less en­gag­ing.

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