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Hello Friends

Re­cently, I was re­flect­ing on what we mean by ‘value’. When de­ter­min­ing ‘value’, we of­ten look at the value of things that we pur­chase and ask if it is worth that amount of money. The same is­sues hap­pen in life. We in­vest our time in ac­tiv­i­ties that rep­re­sents value to us. Since you are read­ing Great Health GuideTM mag­a­zine, I imag­ine that you value your health and so in­vest into a healthy fu­ture by learn­ing and ap­ply­ing your knowl­edge. You value your friends and fam­ily and find ways to in­vest your time in them, in a deeper and more ful­fill­ing way.

If you find your­self just me­an­der­ing through life, then per­haps now is a good time to ask your­self, ‘what do I truly value...what is im­por­tant to me?’ A quick an­swer is guar­an­teed; it will be where you spend most of your time and money. For some of us, this could rep­re­sent an ex­cel­lent time to re-ex­am­ine our val­ues and find what is truly im­por­tant in life.

So, if you value great health, you’re in the right place to re­ceive a smor­gas­bord of out­stand­ing ar­ti­cles pub­lished in this month’s is­sue of Great Health Guide from Self-care for Busy Peo­ple, Spring: Your Fit­ness Guide to For­give­ness Af­ter Betrayal, among many oth­ers.

I trust that you will en­joy this month’s is­sue of Great Health GuideTM.

Kath x

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