Prices re­main firm on lambs at sa­le­yards

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A to­tal of 13,786 sheep were yarded at Katan­ning sa­le­yards last week, with lambs mak­ing up most of that fig­ure.

Heavy lambs rang­ing from 2526kg cwt sold for $156-$159/head, to av­er­age 584¢/kg cwt.

Trade-weight lambs sold for $120-$140/head, with prices re­main­ing firm, while lambs suit­able for air­freight sold for $97-$127/head.

Store light­weight wether lambs sold for $5-$70/head, paid for the very light, and $60-$115/ head, paid for the bet­ter framed lambs with a fleece.

Store cross­bred lambs sold to feed­ers and pro­ces­sors for $73$112/head, in­clud­ing skins, and ex­tremely poor-qual­ity drafts sold for $10-$77/head.

The qual­ity of black tag ewes present was mixed, with the best drafts sell­ing for $91-$109/head.

Light plain ewes sold for $35$85/head.

Pro­ces­sors bought heavy ram lambs for $140/head, while medium and light­weight ram lambs sold for $55-$100/head to feeder buyer and pro­ces­sors.

Mut­ton prices eased slightly on the pre­vi­ous sale.

Heavy­weight ewes over 24kg cwt sold for $97-$133/head, in­clud­ing skins, to re­turn 372¢ to 412¢/kg cwt.

Light store bon­ing ewes down to 14kg cwt sold for $40-$108/head with a three-inch skin.

Medium-weight ewes in the 1822kg cwt category sold for $86$107/head, in­clud­ing skins.

A small yard­ing of wethers re­mained firm in price, with the best lines sell­ing for $100-$117/ head to pro­ces­sors.

Most of the light and medi­umweight wethers were pur­chased by pro­ces­sors and some gra­ziers for $65-$100/head.

Ma­ture rams sold to pro­ces­sors for $30-$80/head and young heavy rams and lighter rams sold for $30 to $80/head, de­pend­ing on age and frame.

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