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With 16,115 sheep and lambs penned, num­bers were up by nearly 5000 head.

The mar­ket was strong re­main­ing firm on all cat­e­gories penned at Muchea, with the slight ex­cep­tion of new sea­son’s lambs.

Th­ese lacked the con­di­tion of the equivalent new sea­son’s lambs com­ing out of the north-east­ern ar­eas, high­light­ing the three to four-week dif­fer­ence in sea­son.

In the lamb sec­tion light new sea­sons sold from $62 to $108/head.

Trade lambs sold from $120 to $157 and gen­er­ally made from 660c to 760c/kg cwt.

Old sea­sons air freight lambs sold from $90 to $125/head.

Trade made from $125 to $169/head. The best of the ram lambs sold from $134 to $184/head. Very light store merino ewe lambs sold to feed­ers from $35 to $96/head.

Very light store merino wether lambs to feed­ers made from $45 to $96/head, re­main­ing firm due to con­tin­ued good com­pe­ti­tion from feed­ers and re­stock­ers. Heavy lambs sold from $165 to $186/head. Hoggets made from $101 to $120/head.

In the mut­ton mar­ket, the best bon­ers sold from $60 to $95/head.

Trade ewes sold from $95 to $120, while prime heavy ewes made from $100 to $143/head.

The best of the heavy wethers sold from $109 to $140/head. Rams sold from mainly $10 to $45 for light and aged, while younger heavy rams made from $57 to $90/head.

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