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Hav­ing read GT on and off for over 10 years it’s in­ter­est­ing how it has changed through dif­fer­ent mu­si­cal eras, dif­fer­ent ed­i­tors, mu­sic ed­i­tors and so on. And while I do com­pletely un­der­stand your oft-re­peated re­sponse to cer­tain ques­tions – “Look at what it says on the cover – Gui­tar ‘Tech­niques’” – I will risk your wrath with my own lit­tle sug­ges­tion, or re­quest. I feel it’s all well and good show­ing us the chords, the the­ory, where to put our fin­gers and so on, but it seems you leave us hang­ing there some­what. Now I know you have the lit­tle ‘Get The Tone’ box-out in most ar­ti­cles; but what we haven’t ever had from GT is one big fea­ture on the the­ory of good tone. That could be any­thing from how to set the con­trols on your amp – cool tone tips from pro­fes­sion­als etc – to what pick to use, where to pick the string for best re­sults; what gauge of string is best for this, that or the other; how to best use ef­fects. And so on. What I’m ask­ing is for one big cover fea­ture that delves into it all. Some­thing like your big the­ory les­son that’s a mini bi­ble in it­self; some­thing I can re­fer to for years, or look out ev­ery time I ac­quire a new bit of kit; or when I want to re-ed­u­cate my­self on the va­garies of great tone. Please don’t say, “It’s out of our remit”: I don’t think it is – it’s ac­tu­ally the fruition of what GT teaches us; the pay-off af­ter slog­ging through all those scales, modes and chords! So come on Nev, how about it? Nigel, New­cas­tle Be­lieve it or not, Nigel, it’s some­thing we’ve dis­cussed quite a bit re­cently. It’s what ob­sesses all gui­tarists – us too, you’ll be pleased to hear – and so I may well look at some­thing along the lines you sug­gest. We have a fan­tas­tic ros­ter of tu­tors and they all have opin­ions or sug­ges­tions about what makes great tone (we have the in-house team too) so per­haps some­thing along the lines of 200 Tips fea­ture (GT200), but a lit­tle smaller and con­cen­trat­ing on tone ex­clu­sively. I’m on the case!

What about a big fea­ture on how to get great tone?

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