VARIATION2 Drop-2 Voic­ings 4-2)

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EDrop-2 refers to a con­cept of or­der­ing the stack of notes, in this case a four- note chord voic­ing, to al­low for greater spread and range be­tween the com­po­nent notes. Co­in­ci­den­tally they con­ve­niently make things much eas­ier to fin­ger on the gui­tar and sound more bal­anced and broader, so it’s win-win all round. The ba­sic prin­ci­ple is to stack a chord and its in­ver­sions in the con­ven­tional man­ner, so a root po­si­tion G7 be­gins its trans­for­ma­tion jour­ney as G B D F (R 3 5 b7). Next we take the sec­ond high­est voice and lower this note by an oc­tave, drop­ping the 2 to cre­ate the fol­low­ing in­ter­vals (5 R 3 b7). This cho­rus il­lus­trates how these voic­ings can be con­nected through the 12- bar se­quence us­ing voice leading in the tre­ble to cre­ate a se­ries of chord shapes that sounds both log­i­cal and smooth from tran­si­tion to tran­si­tion (Jon Bishop de­scribes this in his Tears In Heaven text).

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