Ba­sic Chord Se­quence

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The fol­low­ing vari­a­tions are all based on the clas­sic jazz-blues se­quence in the key of G. Al­though there are nu­mer­ous sub­sti­tu­tions through­out each vari­a­tion, the prin­ci­ple core of the se­quence re­mains in­tact. No­tice how this ba­sic struc­ture is sim­i­lar to the con­ven­tional 12-bar blues form, al­though it varies with re­gard to the E7 ( VI) in bar 8 and the choice of IIm V (Am7 D7) fol­lowed by I VI IIm V (G7 E7 Am7 D7) in the fi­nal eight bars, as op­posed to the tra­di­tional V IV I V changes found in clas­sic blues styles. The lines are blurred with cer­tain artists, such as Robben Ford, BB King and T- Bone Walker, who reg­u­larly em­ploy these jazz changes, even though their CDs are usu­ally to be found un­der the ‘blues’ sec­tion in your record shop.

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