LICK2 de­liv­ery and note se­lec­tion

Guitar Techniques - - Mark Knopfler Learning Zone -

EEThis bluesy ex­am­ple out­lines the V7 IV7 I7 se­quence in C (G7 F7 C7). From a melodic per­spec­tive we’re bal­anc­ing chord tones with some C mi­nor pen­ta­tonic ac­tion. The F9 line in bar 3 is a par­tic­u­larly clear ex­am­ple of match­ing the melodic fig­ure with the un­der­ly­ing har­mony. Like so much of Knopfler’s play­ing, the de­liv­ery and note se­lec­tion are much more im­por­tant than sheer phys­i­cal tech­nique.

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