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We start off with some A blues scale ac­tiv­ity in shape #1, be­fore mov­ing through a three-notes-per-string A Ae­o­lian scale shape that strad­dles shapes 2 and 3 of A mi­nor pen­ta­tonic. It’s im­por­tant to get in the habit of con­tex­tu­al­is­ing things if you are to avoid get­ting lost; it might slow things down at first, but even­tu­ally the process will be in­stan­ta­neous. Think of the tap­ping com­bi­na­tion in Bar 3 as a ‘3 up, 2 down’ se­quence, which in­volves inch­ing up through the same shape by as­cend­ing three strings and de­scend­ing two. Try ap­ply­ing the ‘3 up, 2 down’ se­quence to travel from bot­tom to top of all the three-notes-per-string scale shapes that you know, then ap­ply the op­po­site prin­ci­ple to de­scend (‘3 down, 2 up’). This ex­am­ple fin­ishes off in bar 4 with an ar­peg­gio-based line that starts off in shape 2 of A mi­nor pen­ta­tonic, drifts up through shape 3, and ends in shape 4.

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