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As it shifts up and down the length of the neck, this ex­am­ple can be viewed in re­la­tion to all five un­der­ly­ing A mi­nor pen­ta­tonic shapes. Make sure that you are aware of each as you progress. Aim to view the con­tents of bar 22 as a 16-note mo­tif that has been shifted down the neck via a de­scend­ing slide on the sec­ond string us­ing the first fin­ger. Vis­ually, if con­tin­ued down the length of the neck, this con­fig­u­ra­tion traces out a shape sim­i­lar to the top of a cas­tle wall. Note that, by us­ing as­cend­ing slides through­out, this same cas­tle-wall move­ment can also be used to travel up the neck.

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