Ex­Am­pLE larry carl­ton style solo

Guitar Techniques - - Larry Carlton Style -

[Bars 1- 4] the chord pro­gres­sion of gm7 to C9 can be seen as a II V in F ma­jor. As the in­tro to the tune, a sim­ple but ef­fec­tive gm blues scale lick (g Bb C Db D F) is played to whet the lis­tener’s ap­petite. [Bars 5-10] this is the first part of the main theme, or ‘head’. the tune is sim­ple, but it closely fol­lows the chord pro­gres­sion. over the gm7, the open­ing phrase uses the notes of a gm ar­peg­gio (g Bb D) but in­cor­po­rates the ma­jor 2nd (A note) to make for a sweet line. the phrase tails off with the notes C to Bb from gm pen­ta­tonic (g Bb C D F). the sec­ond phrase starts like the first, but marks the Am7 by play­ing a C ma­jor triad (C E g). this im­plies the sound of the Am7 be­cause C is the b3rd of A, E is the and g is the b7th. the last note of the phrase is an Eb. play it on its own and it’s weird! Lis­ten to it over the Bb11 and you hear that it’s the 11th of that chord. the same gm based mo­tif as be­fore, played over the next gm7, leads into a Bb7 ar­peg­gio over the Bb13 chord. this acts as the V chord of the Eb­maj7 that fol­lows. [Bars 11-14] this un­usual pro­gres­sion can be seen as three lots of IV- I pro­gres­sions in Bb, Ab, and gb, fol­lowed by a mi­nor II V (Am7b5 to D7#9) in gm. the melody im­plies Bb ma­jor scale (Bb C D Eb F g A), Ab ma­jor (Ab Bb C Db Eb F g) and gb ma­jor (gb Ab Bb Cb Db Eb F).

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