Ex­am­ple4 Dom­i­nant 7th idea

Guitar Techniques - - Grant Green Learning Zone -

EOver the Gb7 Green stays in Gb Mixoly­dian with a maj7 chro­matic pass­ing note, then an­tic­i­pates the change to Db7, mov­ing down Db Mixoly­dian with an­other maj7 chro­matic pass­ing note (C) then com­ing back up around an im­plied Cb­maj7 be­fore end­ing on the 5th (Ab). He closes the phrase with a cou­ple of swept arpeg­gios, mov­ing up a Cb triad and slid­ing down to the 3rd (F) of the Db7 chord, then sweep­ing up an Ebm7.

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