Ex­Am­plE Bon IVeR style

Guitar Techniques - - Bon Iver -

[Bar 1] We start with an open A mi­nor 7 chord shape. pay par­tic­u­lar at­ten­tion to the ‘G’ on the 3rd fret of the first string. This is go­ing to fea­ture in ev­ery chord all the way through and is what’s known as a ‘com­mon-tone’, a great tool to act as a con­sis­tent sound­ing hinge be­tween many dif­fer­ent chords. lis­ten out for the slight swing feel used as well. [Bar 3] Here is one of those chord ‘ad­just­ments’. In­stead of play­ing G ma­jor I’ve used a Gsus4; it’s softer sound­ing, with nei­ther ma­jor nor mi­nor tonal­ity. Raise the 3rd in any ma­jor chord by a semi­tone and there you have it! [Bar 12] Watch out for the triplet ham­mer- on fig­ure at the end of this bar. These are com­mon in Ver­non’s style - and also fea­ture in the play­ing of singer-song­writer James Tay­lor - so make sure you can ex­e­cute this em­bel­lish­ment with­out los­ing your tim­ing. [Bar 15] Space is also a use­ful de­vice. You don’t want to use just one rhythm all the way through as it can be­come pre­dictable. Chords with­out ma­jor or mi­nor thirds – sus­pended chords – are great for space for, as their name sug­gests, they just hang there!

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