Guitar Techniques - - Intro -

This month’s lick fea­tures a T-Bone Walker style I-IVI-V turn­around idea in the key of Bb. This is very typ­i­cal of T-Bone’s style and as such of­fers a good model for learn­ing blues note choice and phras­ing. I have cho­sen a three-fin­ger ap­proach, as most blues play­ers would doubt­less play it in this way. How­ever, feel free to change things to suit your per­sonal pref­er­ences. You need to be care­ful at the points where you are re­quired to roll your fret­ting-hand fin­gers to play notes found at the same fret – this hap­pens three times in the sec­ond bar. Your aim should be to achieve sep­a­ra­tion be­tween the notes: try to not let them ‘bleed’ into each other – the lick will sound a lot smoother as a re­sult. As usual, re­mem­ber to de­velop other sim­i­lar licks of your own too!

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