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We ask a great gui­tarist all those lit­tle ques­tions you re­ally do want the an­swers to. This month we chose the Ge­or­gia born blues leg­end Robert Cray...

Do you have a type of pick that you can’t live with­out?

I use Dun­lop picks. I love the heavy gauge (1 mm) and the way they hit the strings.

If you had to give up all your ped­als but three, what would they be?

I have only two ped­als. One to turn de­lay on and off and one for tremolo-vi­brato.

Do you play an­other in­stru­ment well enough to be in a band? (If so what, and have you ever done it?)

I’ve played (ha,ha,ha) har­mon­ica on one of our al­bums and I played bass on a track from Take Your Shoes off, and Fen­der VI on a track from the up­com­ing al­bum.

If a mu­sic chart was put in front of you, could you read it? Do gui­tar ca­bles re­ally make a dif­fer­ence? What make are yours?

I go wire­less these days.

Is there any­one’s play­ing (past or present) that you’re slightly jeal­ous of?

I got over be­ing jeal­ous. There are just too many leg­ends and up­com­ing greats that it’s re­ally a waste of time.

If your house or stu­dio was burn­ing down, which gui­tar would you sal­vage?

I’d save my favourite new Fen­der Strat – my sun­burst Robert Cray model. It’s my work­horse. It’s bright sound­ing so that chord­ing and so­los re­ally come through.

What’s your favourite amp and how do you set it?

My Match­less Club­man 35s have a re­ally great re­sponse and they give me any­thing I want and more. Vol­ume – 1 o’clock, bass – 11 o’clock, tre­ble – 1 o’clock, bril­liance – 1 o’clock, mas­ter – 3 o’clock.

What kind of ac­tion do you have on your gui­tars?

I would say that my ac­tion is high. I like to get un­der the strings to see and feel what’s hid­ing there. Most of the time it’s some­thing good!

What strings do you use?

D’Ad­dario .011 .013 .018 .028 .036 .046. I use these strings to get more re­sponse from the pick­ups and more sound. Robert Cray’s new al­bum, In My Soul is re­leased by Provogue Records on 31st March. His two- week 40th an­niver­sary UK tour starts Fri­day 3rd May. Tick­ets are avail­able from Tick­et­mas­ter: 0870 534 444),Tick­etline: 0844 888 9991, See Tick­ets: 0871 220 0260.

I got over be­ing jeal­ous. There are too many leg­ends that it’s re­ally a waste of time.

Robert Cray: Strat tot­ing blues hero

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