Ex­am­ple 2 Ba­sic fin­ger­style ar­range­ment

Guitar Techniques - - Arranging -

This first, ba­sic ar­range­ment is played mostly in the open po­si­tion. The bass line is all-im­por­tant for im­ply­ing the har­mony. The late, great, mas­ter gui­tar ar­ranger Eric Roche said he of­ten started his solo ar­range­ments by con­struct­ing the bass line. The bass line can be used to add move­ment and smooth the tran­si­tions be­tween chords. This con­cept is demon­strated in bars 4 and 12. An ex­tra bar has been added in bar 9 and this gives the melody a chance to breathe. Ex­tra bars are a pop­u­lar ad­di­tion when ar­rang­ing Scar­bor­ough Fair and we will be us­ing var­i­ous per­mu­ta­tions in the fol­low­ing ar­range­ments. Bars 10 and 11 fea­ture some open­voiced triad chords with the melody note on top. This type of voic­ing is easy to play and sounds con­cise and of­ten more ef­fec­tive than large chords with lots of notes. This piece is to be per­formed free time with a re­laxed fin­ger­style tech­nique. Aim to let all the notes ring into each other as much as pos­si­ble. Play the melody notes slightly harder than the un­der­ly­ing notes, so the tune stands out. Both the fret­ting hand fin­ger­ing and the pick­ing hand pat­tern have been no­tated.

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