Ex­am­ple 3 capo at the 5th fret

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This ex­am­ple uses the favourite old trick of stop­ping the notes along one fret with a capo. The capo al­lows us to ac­cess new keys and al­lows us to ac­cess new chord and melody ideas. First place the capo on the 5th fret and make sure the tun­ing has re­mained cor­rect. This ar­range­ment starts with a pretty sound­ing ar­peg­gio mo­tif. We can re­peat this idea at var­i­ous points and this gives the ar­range­ment some iden­tity and con­ti­nu­ity. To cre­ate this idea some chord ex­ten­sions have been added so A mi­nor be­comes A mi­nor 9 and D be­comes D sus 2. Bar 18 fea­tures a clas­sic bass and melody run used by many singer song­writ­ers. The use of the G add 11 chord is a lit­tle tricky to fin­ger but it’s well worth it as there is a cool dis­so­nance be­tween the open string and fret­ted notes. The piece ends with a chord con­structed from nat­u­ral har­mon­ics. Har­mon­ics are great to in­clude in any ar­range­ment. Why not try play­ing the melody to Scar­bor­ough Fair with har­mon­ics ex­clu­sively!

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