Ex­am­ple 4 Open Tun­ings

Guitar Techniques - - Arranging -

Us­ing an open tun­ing is a pop­u­lar trick for ar­rang­ing tunes for gui­tar. As our tune is mo­dal in na­ture it makes sense to use a mo­dal open tun­ing. DADGAD tun­ing sounds great on gui­tar and many great ar­range­ments have been cre­ated with it. This ex­am­ple takes the first mo­tif from the melody and puts an In­dian sound­ing slant on things. The use of string bends and the open tun­ing can re­ally evoke the sound of the sitar. It makes sense to change the key to D mi­nor for this one so we can cash in on the open-string drone notes. The sitar sound came cour­tesy of the Line 6 Variax. Use down strums of the thumb ex­clu­sively when play­ing this one.

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