Guitar Techniques - - Play: Rockabilly -

[Bars 1-13] We start out by strum­ming a ba­sic open D chord, which makes sense as this is the key of the track. Play­ing triplets at 200bpm can be a lit­tle tricky, so make sure you’ve got a solid plan for your strum­ming in place. Once the band has joined in we set­tle down from bar 6 to a lightly palm muted bit of riff­ing, rem­i­nis­cent of old school blues and rock ‘n’ roll riffs, with an added chro­matic ap­proach chord (C#5) leading up to the D5. I rec­om­mend stick­ing with al­ter­nate pick­ing to ex­e­cute this at speed in a flu­ent and re­laxed man­ner. At the end of bar 9 we touch upon the D chord again, this time in the po­si­tion that will be favoured for the rest of the tune as it’s right next to the spot where the pre­ced­ing riff is played. Then the verse starts, stick­ing with the palm muted riff, and in bar 13 the first chord-based fill hap­pens; a tasty recurring ma­noeu­vre in­volv­ing adding the 6th of the A ma­jor chord (F#) with your third (or fourth!) fin­ger as well as ham­mer­ing-on the ma­jor third (C#) from the bluesy sound­ing mi­nor third (C) a semi­tone be­low on fret 5 of the third string.

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