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[Bars 14-39] Here we have a ba­sic pro­gres­sion of I–I9–IV–II7–I–V. Some chords are ap­proached chro­mat­i­cally from a semi­tone be­low some nice colour and, like in the pre­ced­ing bars, the 6th is added as a chord-type fill. In ad­di­tion, there are some dead notes in­cluded, which add to the rhyth­mic flow. I rec­om­mend al­ter­nate strum­ming for this to get it to sound flu­ent and in time, as sug­gested in bar 18 – al­ways main­tain­ing the mo­tion of down/up/down/up on 1/and/2/and, etc. In bar 20 we have the sig­na­ture chro­matic blues-tinged lick, which the bass also plays through­out much of the song. Like the main verse riff, this should be played with some light palm mut­ing. Then we are back to an­other verse adding that cheer­ful recurring sig­na­ture lick in bar 26. Use fin­gers 1 and 2 for the 10th fret on the sec­ond string and the 11th fret on the third string re­spec­tively – fol­lowed by fourth fin­ger on the 12th fret of the sec­ond string and third fin­ger on the 12th fret of the third. For the chord fill in bar 30-31, get a strong al­ter­nate strum­ming mo­tion go­ing!

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