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[Bars 68-87, pre­vi­ous page] Af­ter the solo we re­turn to the same chro­mat­i­cally coloured riff, played more or less in uni­son with the bass. This time on the first three rep­e­ti­tions, we are play­ing both the mi­nor 3rd (F nat­u­ral) and the ma­jor 3rd (F#) at the end of the cy­cle, pro­vid­ing a nice blues coloura­tion. Then we are back into an­other verse, this time played with su­per ef­fec­tive stops on each chord, fir­ing off a quick suc­ces­sion of triplets on the E chord, this time a plain E ma­jor, rather than the blue­sier E7. [Bars 88-103] Here we have an­other cho­rus, play­ing a fur­ther de­vel­oped ver­sion of that cheer­ful dou­ble-stop lick from be­fore in bars 90-91, with added notes (from the D ma­jor triad) for ex­tra ef­fect. Bars 94-95 see the near ex­act rep­e­ti­tion of the fast as­cend­ing triplet fill as well, pro­gress­ing unto the D to D9 se­quence, with a quick stop on the G ma­jor chord again. This is fol­lowed by a round of quick triplets on the E7 (bar 99) and the same I-V-I pro­gres­sion – es­sen­tially D to A to D, with added em­bel­lish­ments.

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