Guitar Techniques - - Johann Strauss I Radetzky March -

[Bar 4] On the last beat of bar 4 plant all four fret­ting hand fin­gers down on the fret­board in their cor­rect po­si­tions be­fore be­gin­ning pluck­ing - this will re­ally help to ‘seat’ the hand in make the grace notes through the next 3 bars in­fin­itely eas­ier to ex­e­cute. [Bar 9] There is a lit­tle ‘hop­ping’ of the fret­ting hand go­ing into bar 9 so fol­low the fin­ger­ing - play­ing it fairly stac­cato is per­fect for the style. On the 3rd beat of bar 12 the A7 chord is strummed down­wards with the backs of the nails of the first two pick­ing hand fin­gers.

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