LICK 1 bass string oc­taves and top string slide

Guitar Techniques - - Luther Dickinson Learning -

Let’s be­gin with the first of three ex­am­ples in open D tun­ing (D A D F# A D low to high). Here we’re mix­ing a rep­e­ti­tious oc­tave skipped open-string bass part with a high melody pre­dom­i­nantly ar­tic­u­lated us­ing the slide. It helps if you hold the slide at a slight an­gle to the fret­board so that you only re­ally make con­tact with the first string, al­low­ing the open strings to ring unim­peded. You might find that a lit­tle ex­tra­ne­ous noise as the slide now oc­ca­sion­ally touches the frets but this is all rel­a­tive to fac­tors such as the ac­tion on your gui­tar and the height and shape of the frets but any­way the oc­ca­sional rat­tle and buzz can ac­tu­ally add to the vibe and feel of the mu­sic so don’t be too an­a­lyt­i­cal here.

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