LICK 2 d mi­nor pen­ta­tonic slide riff

Guitar Techniques - - Luther Dickinson Learning -

DLuther’s play­ing can get quite heavy at times but there is al­ways a great sense of groove go­ing on. Here we see how he might ex­ploit the sym­met­ri­cal na­ture of open D tun­ing, specif­i­cally on the nu­mer­ous D and A strings to cre­ate a sim­ple but re­mark­ably ef­fec­tive riff de­rived mainly from D mi­nor pen­ta­tonic scale (D F G A C) with an additional 6th (B) in the fi­nal bar. Aim for a rhyth­mic feel that is slightly pulled back. You can af­ford to be ever so slightly late and re­laxed with your de­liv­ery here and even the bends can be lazy and un­hur­ried.

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