Exam ple 8 mixoly­dian legato

Guitar Techniques - - Allen Hinds Part 4 Learning Zone -

Like all the ex­am­ples in our fea­ture, this one is in D Mixoly­dian (D E F# G A B C). It starts out with a sim­ple se­quence, which moves be­tween the first and sec­ond strings – with three notes per string. As is of­ten the case, Allen is only pick­ing the first note of each three-note group­ing, us­ing pull- offs to ex­e­cute the fol­low­ing two notes - es­sen­tially only pick­ing ev­ery time he ar­rives at an­other string. In the sec­ond bar, we move down the scale, break­ing the se­quence but main­tain­ing the prin­ci­ple of us­ing ham­mer- ons and pull- offs for ev­ery note but the first of each string change. No­tice how the line ends on a D9 chord, which again so­lid­i­fies the tonal­ity (D Mixoly­dian). Bar three shows how you can iso­late the se­quence and sim­ply race down the fret­board us­ing that ini­tial idea. The im­por­tant thing to note here is that this ba­sic se­quence can of course be trans­ferred to any scale, be it one of the modes, the pen­ta­ton­ics, the blues scale or what­ever.

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