Exam ple 9 mix­ing up the 3rds

Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Video -

This lick stays di­a­tonic to D Mixoly­dian, ex­cept for the ad­di­tion of the F nat­u­ral, which is a com­mon blues-tinged colour that you will of­ten hear in a Mixoly­dian con­text. Ini­tially start­ing on the 7th fret of the first string with a ham­mer- on and pull- off com­bi­na­tion, the lick pro­gresses to fea­ture a handy op­por­tu­nity to em­ploy some sweep pick­ing as you pick the three notes that move across the three top strings. Make sure you work this out re­ally slowly at first, pay­ing close at­ten­tion to your time-keep­ing in par­tic­u­lar, in or­der to not break the rhyth­mic flow. The lick then rolls down the scale, fin­ish­ing on a tasty blues vibe, which fea­tures the mi­nor 3rd (our F nat­u­ral) and the ma­jor 3rd (F#) of D – and land­ing on the root (D) to fin­ish.

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