Exam ple 10b de­vel­op­ing the chro­matic theme

Guitar Techniques - - Allen Hinds Part 4 Learning Zone -

Allen re­it­er­ates the har­monic ‘set­ting’ by slid­ing up to a funky sound­ing 9th chord shape (top three strings only). Then the main riff is played at full speed – us­ing a slightly dif­fer­ent end­ing from the ini­tial slow ver­sion. The two first rep­e­ti­tions are sim­i­lar, but watch out for the third time bar, where the lick continues into a cool de­scend­ing row of 6ths, be­fore hit­ting the low D (root) on the 5th fret of the fifth string. Use the sec­ond fin­ger to fret this D, en­abling you to per­form the sub­tle – and op­tional – slides up the next scale steps with the sec­ond fin­ger (7th and 9th fret on the fifth string), be­fore em­bark­ing on the fi­nal rep­e­ti­tion. This turns on the ‘turbo’ on the last beat of the penul­ti­mate bar, start­ing a se­ries of 16th-note triplets that run till the fi­nal D note. Try this at a re­ally slow tempo at first, to re­ally nail the rhyth­mic el­e­ment, mak­ing sure you’ve got a solid fin­ger­ing set up as well (see Allen’s for ideas). No­tice how again we add a lit­tle blues colour at the end, this time by hit­ting the F (b3rd) on the 10th fret of the third string and pulling off to the D on the 7th fret and adding some tasty vi­brato for good mea­sure.

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