Exam ple 10 adding chro­matic colour

Guitar Techniques - - Allen Hinds Part 4 Learning Zone -

The first chro­matic part is a de­scend­ing line from the b7th (C) to the 6th (B) to the b6th (Bb) to the 5th (A). The lick then ‘cir­cles’ chro­mat­i­cally around the di­min­ished 5th (Ab), which is re­solved by the line that fol­lows it. No­tice again how a quick sweep across the top three strings adds nicely to the di­ver­sity and flow of the line as a whole. The sweep is fol­lowed by a dash of blues colour, pro­vided by the use of the b3rd (F), this time in ‘re­verse’ if you like, as it’s pre­ceded by the ma­jor 3rd, rather than the other way around, which is more com­mon in bluesy licks. The pat­tern ends by de­scend­ing on D Mixoly­dian, with more chro­matic blues colour, pro­vided by the b3rd (F), pre­ced­ing the ma­jor 3rd (F#), be­fore end­ing on the high D on the 7th fret of the third string.

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