Guitar Techniques - - Left & Right Hand Tapping Learning Zone -

EX­AMP LE 1 Our first sec­tion fea­tures a se­ries of as­cend­ing three-stringed arpeg­gios: in bar 2, each four-note mo­tif com­prises three fret­ting hand tapped notes fol­lowed by a pick­ing hand tap (see di­a­grams above). This should re­ally ham­mer home the need for each fin­ger of the fret­ting hand to be strong, even (for tim­ing rea­sons) and pur­pose­ful, which of­ten en­tails de­scend­ing from quite a height to the fret­board. EX­AMP LE 2 Here, the same three-stringed ar­peg­gio shapes are used in quite a dif­fer­ent way. In bar 7, each mo­tif is 12 notes long and, as it is played to a 32nd-note count, it is rhyth­mi­cally dis­placed, which makes it less pre­dictable for the lis­tener (each mo­tif would nor­mally be played to a 16thnote triplet count). In the tran­scrip­tion, note the use of the fourth fin­ger to shift po­si­tions from one ar­peg­gio to an­other.

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