Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Creative Rock -

EX­AMP LE 3 In bar 9 of this ex­am­ple, the same three-stringed ar­peg­gio shapes as be­fore are now em­bel­lished us­ing a com­bi­na­tion of dou­bled taps and slides, which help to make them more ear- catch­ing (along with the vari­a­tion in rhythm). EX­AMP LE 4 More three-stringed arpeg­gios here. This time, po­si­tion shifts are made us­ing fret­ting hand taps. Plac­ing fret­ting hand taps on the down­beats like this (and leav­ing pick­ing hand taps on the up­beats) helps to

Edis­guise the fact that some­thing is tapped (that is, it be­comes less ob­vi­ous to the ear), and is a fea­ture shared by all of the fol­low­ing ex­am­ples. EX­AMP LE 5 Here, in bar 17, each hand is used to tap out notes of a sep­a­rate in­ver­sion of an Am ar­peg­gio, in a man­ner rem­i­nis­cent of the in­stru­men­tal Bad Racket by Greg Howe. This is an­other good ex­am­ple of the need for a high and pur­pose­ful move­ment from the fin­gers of the fret­ting hand in or­der to get strong notes with even tim­ing.

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