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EX­AMP LE 6 This dy­namic ex­am­ple starts off with a de­scend­ing se­quence played through shape 3 of A mi­nor pen­ta­tonic scale (A C D E G) us­ing a se­ries of three-note mo­tifs that are rhyth­mi­cally dis­placed when played to a count of four like this (16nth notes). The tapped ar­peg­gio el­e­ment comes in the form of a large sus­pended 4th ar­peg­gio in bar 22 that fea­tures an or­nate em­bel­lish­ment on top us­ing var­i­ous sur­round­ing notes from the scale. EX­AMP LE 7 Fi­nally, in bar 25, we get an even more com­plex ex­am­ple of how an ar­peg­gio shape can be em­bel­lished us­ing sur­round­ing notes from the scale (A Ae­o­lian: A B C D E F G). Note how most pick­ing hand taps are on off­beats - you might want to mod­ify the way that the note on the 8th fret of the first string at the end of bar 25 is played: this could be fret­ting hand tapped also, with the fol­low­ing note played us­ing a ham­mer- on rather than a slide.

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