Ex­Am­plE steVe lUKAtheR style solo

Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Session -

[Bar 18] this sex­tu­plet based lick is an­other of those flashy ‘con­nect­ing’ phrases and uses notes of the C blues scale (C Eb F gb g Bb). It is very chal­leng­ing, not just due to its speed, and there­fore the need to play it in time, but also be­cause there are a cou­ple of very big bends in there - very lukather­ish! the g note on the first string has to go up a mi­nor 3rd to Bb, and the Eb note on the sec­ond string has to go up a ma­jor 3rd to g. this is phys­i­cally quite de­mand­ing, so take it steady. [Bars 19–25] this next sec­tion of the solo builds dy­nam­i­cally to an even­tual cli­max to high C note at the start of bar 25. Note the use of the C melodic mi­nor scale (C D Eb F g A B) for the three notes pre­ced­ing this. Bar 19 uses an­other mo­tif idea, and watch the tim­ing of the tricky chro­matic pull- off lick in bar 20. An­other speedy C mi­nor scale con­nect­ing lick (this time played legato) on beat 4 of bar 22 leads into a sub­tle but tricky bend­ing lick in bar 23. En­sure these bends are ac­cu­rately pitched.

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