Ex­Am­plE steVe lUKAtheR style solo

Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Session -

[Bars 26–30] these last licks are more de­lib­er­ately ‘flash’. the first, in bar 26 is a typ­i­cal fast paced C blues scale lick. the tim­ing of this one is tricky so don’t worry if you don’t play it ex­actly the same - as long as it is in time within it­self and not scrappy it should be fine. the phrase start­ing in bar 31 is hard. take it very slowly as it might be hard to get your ear around. It uses some jazzy pass­ing notes and might be ac­cept­able right at the end of the song, dur­ing the fade- out per­haps. through­out the solo, look at the rhyth­mic frame­work of the phrases and in this fi­nal sec­tion, aim to be aware of the space be­tween the licks; the empti­ness be­tween the phrases makes them more pow­er­ful when they ar­rive!

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