Ex­am­ple7 Com­mon jazz se­quence in G

Guitar Techniques - - Sal Salvador Learning Zone -

EThis ex­am­ple clocks in at a se­ri­ously speedy 300bpm - a tempo not for the faint hearted! Here Sal­vador out­lines Cm7 over the Cm7 chord, mov­ing down the F mi­nor scale over the Fm7 and Bb Mixoly­dian with chro­matic pass­ing notes over the Bb7 be­fore re­solv­ing to Eb­maj9 over the Eb­maj7, and Ab­maj7 over the Ab­maj7 chords. He out­lines the Am7 then moves down D Mixoly­dian over the D7 and the G ma­jor scale with more chro­matic pass­ing notes over the Gmaj7. He closes with an im­plied Bm7 ar­peg­gio (or Gmaj9) fol­lowed by a G triad.

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