Ex­am­ple6 Long II-V-III-VI-II-V-I in G

Guitar Techniques - - Sal Salvador Learning Zone -

Sal­vador seems to be ig­nor­ing the Am7b5 and play­ing D Mixoly­dian over the Am7b5 and D7 chords (al­though he could be think­ing in terms of A Locrian #2 & D mixoly­dian). He out­lines Bm7 over the Bm7 chord and lands on G# to an­tic­i­pate the move to E7. Over the Am7 he plays around Am7 and D7, then seems to be play­ing around Gmaj7 with chro­matic pass­ing notes over the D7 be­fore clos­ing on a nice G ma­jor in­ter­val­lic fig­ure.

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