Rhythm changes line in Bb

Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Jazz -

EEFor this speedy Bb ‘rhythm changes’ line Sal­vador starts around the Bb ma­jor scale for the first five chords, throw­ing in a nice quote from the Amer­i­can folk tune Turkey In The Straw over the G7, Cm7 and Bb7 chords (a quote that ap­pears sev­eral times in his recorded so­los). Over the Eb chord he moves up an Eb­maj9 ar­peg­gio, com­ing down chro­mat­i­cally from the 9th (F) to the root, then an­tic­i­pates the change to Ebm7 com­ing down an Ebm7 ar­peg­gio and land­ing on the b7 (Gb) over the Ab7 chord. This is fol­lowed by a chro­matic de­scent to the 5th (F) of the Bb chord. He then re­peats the pick-up phrase from the very first bar, with an en­cir­clement idea leading into a Bb­maj9 ar­peg­gio, and closes with a sim­ple mo­tif be­tween the 3rd (D) and 4th (Eb) and end­ing around Bb6.

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