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[Bar 2] The only po­ten­tially tricky thing here is co- or­di­nat­ing the slid­ing triad on beat three with your strum­ming hand so iso­late this sec­tion and play it slowly at first if it’s caus­ing prob­lems. [Bar 4] No­tice how we are us­ing tri­ads to cre­ate the sound of an F ma­jor 7 chord – don’t you agree that this voic­ing sounds a lot richer and also more ‘open’ than its tra­di­tional barre chord cousin? [Bar 13] Con­ven­tional open chord shapes of­ten have lots of in­ter­est­ing voic­ings within them which just re­quire mov­ing a few notes around, ei­ther to an open string or a fret­ted note. Such is the case with this pas­sage here as notes move within the chord to cre­ate more in­ter­est.

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