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I’ve got to tell you guys that is­sues 227 and 228 had two of the best mu­sic fea­tures I’ve ever seen in Gui­tar Tech­niques: Your In­stant Guide To Bet­ter Chords, and How Good Are You?

I’ve of­ten watched great gui­tarists, ef­fort­lessly run­ning their hands up and down the neck, play­ing the kinds of chordy rhythm stuff that I sim­ply couldn’t com­pre­hend! Well, al­though I still don’t get it all, your Bet­ter Chords fea­ture put so much in­for­ma­tion in one place that it’s opened doors to things I could never work out for my­self. I’m still go­ing through it bit by bit, and feel my tech­nique and knowl­edge are gain­ing ground si­mul­ta­ne­ously.

The How Good Are You fea­ture looked a bit scary at first. I’ve never taken any ex­ams and, al­though I’ve been play­ing gui­tar on and off for over 20 years, felt I wasn’t a con­tender for any such gongs. But I did go through it (still am, ac­tu­ally) and quite hon­estly I’ve sur­prised my­self. I’m not sure where I sit – it would seem some­where around Grade 6 in gen­eral terms – but I now have a goal to at­tain in a whole va­ri­ety of ar­eas. Also, I down­loaded the is­sue on my iPad as the tab’s mov­ing cur­sor and synchedup au­dio helps enor­mously.

I know I’m preach­ing to the con­verted, but if they haven’t al­ready, ev­ery­one re­ally should go through both of those bril­liant ar­ti­cles – I guar­an­tee you’ll come through them with your eyes opened. Like me, you’ll prob­a­bly feel quite a bit bet­ter about your gui­tar play­ing, too.

Brian Wilkin I’m glad that these fea­tures are go­ing down so well. In fact, sev­eral people have said the same to me. When tab be­came so ex­pen­sive to do legally, we had to look at other ways to reach our au­di­ence, while still giv­ing them great tu­ition. It quickly be­came ap­par­ent that these fea­tures should be on topics that people can’t sim­ply Google. While on­line tabs were pretty dire back in the day, they are get­ting a lot bet­ter and, in this cli­mate where ev­ery­one seems to think ev­ery­thing should be free, we needed a com­pelling propo­si­tion to re­tain our most loyal fol­low­ers. It was to that end that we be­gan the kind of lessons you are talk­ing about, Brian: they are in­cred­i­bly in-depth and in­sight­ful, packed with nugget af­ter nugget of in­for­ma­tion; they are writ­ten by the coun­try’s top tu­tors and you can’t get them any­where else but here. So thanks for your ap­pre­ci­a­tion of ev­ery­one’s work. More to come soon!


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