STUDY 2 Cre­at­ing Riff and Hooks

Guitar Techniques - - Complete Rock Workout -

This sec­tion deals with the cre­ation of strong riffs, and we’re restrict­ing our vari­ables to notes from the A mi­nor pen­ta­tonic scale (A C D E G) and rhyth­mic val­ues based around quar­ter (crotchet), eighth (qua­ver) and eighth-note rest val­ues. Ob­vi­ously, in the real world we need not be so pre­scrip­tive but for learn­ing pur­poses, ‘hand- cuff’ ex­er­cises such as these can be pro­duc­tive and re­ward­ing. Your task is to go on to cre­ate riffs/hooks us­ing the same process. No­tice the change in dy­nam­ics and feel be­tween the first and sec­ond rep­e­ti­tion, where we shift from palm-muted to an open tone.

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