STUDY 6 Ham­mer-Ons and Pull-Offs with String Skip­ping

Guitar Techniques - - Complete Rock Workout -

This time we in­tro­duce string skip­ping, main­tain­ing the two-notes-per-string feel from the pen­ta­ton­ics ex­am­ple. This is our way to in­cor­po­rate arpeg­gios into blues or pen­ta­tonic-based vo­cab­u­lary. Ex­am­ples 6a- c switch be­tween a blues scale based se­quen­tial idea (R b3 4 b5 5 b7) fol­lowed by the same pat­tern re­lo­cated slightly to spell out the notes of a ma­jor ar­peg­gio while keep­ing the same pick­ing, pull- offs, ham­mer- ons and iden­ti­cal rhyth­mic bounce. The fi­nal ex­am­ple, 6d, takes the ar­peg­gio idea one stage fur­ther by spell­ing out a har­monic se­quence in the key of B mi­nor.

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