Get The Tone

Guitar Techniques - - Play: Blues -

Fred­die King was heav­ily as­so­ci­ated with Gibson gui­tars; a Les Paul Gold­top with P90s in the early days, then cherry ES-345 or 355. Takin’ Care Of Busi­ness was prob­a­bly recorded on the Les Paul, plugged straight into a loud Fen­der valve amp. Fred­die favoured the big­gest Fend­ers avail­able at the time and was of­ten pic­tured with a Dual Show­man. The amp was set with the vol­ume and tre­ble turned up full, and bass and mid­dle on 0. To get the tone with your rig, se­lect a crunchy tone with plenty of bite. Use the bridge pickup or bridge and neck pick­ups to­gether and go for a min­i­mal over­drive set­ting - just enough to pro­vide some sus­tain is the key here.

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