Guitar Techniques - - Play: Blues -

[In­tro: Bars 1- 4] The open­ing riff is some­thing a slide player in open tun­ing might play. Use down strokes and in­crease the at­tack as you progress. The 9th chords in bar 4 make for a sweet sound­ing turn­around. [Cho­rus 1: Bars 5-20] The verses are a mix­ture of rhythm and lead lines. The lead lines func­tion as an an­swer to the vo­cal phrase Takin’ Care Of Busi­ness. This ‘ques­tion and an­swer’ phras­ing harks back to the work songs of the deep South. If you are play­ing with a thumb and fin­ger­pick like Fred­die, it’s just a case of work­ing through and find­ing the most in­tu­itive way to pluck the var­i­ous notes. Of course most play­ers will prob­a­bly favour a plec­trum and you can get pretty close to Fred­die’s tone with a metal pick or coin.

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